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Personalized email addresses

Now you can finally have the email and website address you always wanted - your name! Our vanity email address and personalized website plans free your name on the web and let you create an internet identity that's distinctly you! Simply enter your name and let our advanced search engine scour the world to find all possible address options available to you, then let us take care of all the technicalities of getting your custom email address setup for you.

Explore our personalized email solutions

Explore our unique hosted email solutions

Business Email Addresses

Project the right image to your customers with a custom email solution for your business. Our advanced search system lets you find every possible address available in one easy step, and our feature-packed competitively priced business email solutions provide you with simple, secure access to your business communications on almost any device, anywhere!

We've taken out all the complexities of buying a domain name, setting up DNS records, provisioning servers and configuring email accounts - with Uniquemail we do all of this for you so you can worry about what's important - your business.

No longer are you tied to your ISP's email or an unprofessional looking Hotmail, GMail or Yahoo address. With Uniquemail all of your email addresses are in your actual business name. Plus there's absolutely no advertising in either our webmail interface or your outgoing mail, so you don't have to worry about your competitors messages sneaking their way into your emails.

Our business mail solutions include advanced spam and virus protection, and all of your communications can be secured using 128/256 bit SSL security for your protection. Your business email is hosted using the latest server technology in our secure, high-speed data centers providing you with the best possible uptime and performance.

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