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Personalized email addresses

Now you can finally have the email and website address you always wanted - your name! Our vanity email address and personalized website plans free your name on the web and let you create an internet identity that's distinctly you! Simply enter your name and let our advanced search engine scour the world to find all possible address options available to you, then let us take care of all the technicalities of getting your custom email address setup for you.

Customized business email addresses

Project the right image to your customers with a custom email and website solution for your business. Our advanced search system lets you find every possible address available in one easy step, and our feature-packed competitively priced business email and website solutions provide you with a professional online presence and secure access to your business communications on almost any device, anywhere!
Luckily Mom & Dad reserved my personalized email address already. Otherwise by the time I grow up someone else might have taken it!
Finally email is uncomplicated for me. I’ve got a nice address that’s simply my first name & last name, so it’s easy for me & my friends to remember – and my husband got a matching one too.
Our matching email addresses are a hit with our friends, and I got an extra one to suit my hobby business too.
My ISP took my email address away from me when I changed provider…I don’t like stress in my life, so now I have a unique email address that’s completely custom & mine forever.
A group of us got together and we now all have matching emails and a website to promote our club! It was super easy to put our logo and pictures on the included website, and we feel like superstars!
Our staff now have full business grade email with Mobile, Outlook & Webmail access. Using the included Sitebuilder tool we put together a professional website in just a few hours too.
I needed a proper professional looking email address for my new consulting business – but without the technical mumbo jumbo! Now my business cards look great and my email is ad-free.
What’s up with Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail? – all the cool addresses are gone! My UniqueMail address is free AND I got just what I wanted. Check it out.
Now the school has blocked Facebook & MySpace on our laptops! Luckily they can’t block my personal page that I got with my custom email address.
I wanted a fun email to match my lifestyle. I tried the usuals but everything good was gone! Now I love watching people’s faces when I tell them my email address.
One of my clients laughed when I gave them the email to send their remittance to. It was time to get a proper business email. It cost me next to nothing, and now I’ve got a web-page too and haven’t looked back!
Virus Free, Spam Free, Ad Free Email!
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